Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise 90-Minute Roundtrip with Audio Tour

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Best Price, Best Route & Best Timeline for Bosphorus!

This dreamlike roundtrip between Asia and Europe reveals Istanbul’s most beautiful sights reflecting its unique nature and culture while the famous breeze refreshing you. This flexible ticket saves you from all the pressure of catching a single departure and spares your valuable time for discovering Istanbul's landscape in perfect freedom!

No need for waiting, no need for validating or no meeting with operators! Welcome to Istanbul's most popular Bosphorus Cruise! Best Price, All-Day-Long Valid Flexiblity - Skip the Line Tickets - Audio Guide - No Rush, No Stress, No Waiting for a Great Tour on Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise

Highlights of the Bosphorus Cruise Tour: 

  • A perfect route presents best views on Istanbul's dazzling palaces, fanciest houses, green hills and colossal bridges on the Bosphorus all at once
  • Feel the flexibility fully with frequent departures and take the time that suits you best that day for this 90-Minute ride
  • Enjoy the priority entrance that saves your precious time and take your seat as you wish indoors or outside
  • With the  the Audioguide, listen to several important facts and interesting stories about the major sights if you wish on the way

What to see with the Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul?

Enjoying the magical Bosphorus is clearly a must for every Istanbul visitor. This classic is the best to do any time when you are in Istanbul. Whether for a great start, a refreshing break between busy days or even for a finish in style before your return flight as well... 

Here you can find the safest and shortest cut to get on the boat with the best price, most flexible timeline and most complete package with great options. 

This tour follows a perfectly measured route taking 90-minutes ending at the same central spot you started. This course presents you major landmarks including royal palaces, ages-old castles and most exclusive houses on the way. Simply, you will not miss any highlight from your list of things to see along the Bosphorus in Istanbul. 

There are many spectacular spots on this Bosphorus Tour starting with the glorious Dolmabahçe and Çiragan Palaces. The Ortakoy Mosque and the oldest Bosphorus Bridge are a certain highlight of your Istanbul trip. The Maiden Tower and the Rumeli Fortress looks like fallen from fairy tales. 

Prepare for wonderful opportunities for having best shots! You will get stunning pictures across the shores that are filled with magnificent scenes and natural beauties.

How do I get my tickets for Bosphorus Tour Cruise?

After your reservation, we will send you the reservation info. At the day of departure, you will receive the QR tickets that can be used digitally at turnstiles before the boat!

Location, Times and Tickets/Reservation info for the Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul

The tour starts out from Turyol Eminonu Bosphorus Station !

As of Summer 2022, the boats depart every hour between 10:00 and 19:00 (or even 20:00 especially weekends). 

Starting the Winter Season 2022, the final departures are set at 18:00. The first Bosphorus Cruise departure has not changed as it still moves at 10:00 each day. 

Once you make the purchase here, your ticket comes into your mail immediately. All you should do is showing your digital ticket on your screen at the station. Our team will be waiting for you with your name on their list!

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise Departures for 2022

As of May 1st of 2022, the announced timeline for the Bosphorus Cruise Tours in Istanbul departs:

Weekdays (Mon to Fri) Weekends
10:00 10:00
11:00 11:00
12:00 12:00
13:00 12:45
14:00 13:30
15:00 14:15
16:00 15:00
17:00 15:45
18:00 16:30
19:00 17:15
  19:00 (Not available in Winter)

How to go to Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise Pier?

The departure and arrival point is at Eminönü, across the historic Egyptian Spice Market and next to the Galata Bridge right in the middle of the Old Town. 

If you come with Tram, leave at Eminönü Station and cross to street towards the seaside. Then walk to the other side of the Galata Bridge. The Bosphorus Station is just behind the Fish Sandwich Boats. 

What is Bosphorus? What does Bosphorus mean?

Bosphorus is the name of the strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. It is 32 kilometers long channel separating the European and Asian continents. Because of Bosphorus’ strategic location, the city and port attached to it have played an important role in the world history since the ancient times. 

The shores of Istanbul along Bosphorus were always garnished with beautiful flora as you may see natural parks over the surrounding hills today as well. Moreover, the impressive architecture displays many of spectacular faces of Istanbul as many houses, mansions and palaces pass by before you. 

How to chose which Bosphorus Cruise Tour is best for you?

There are factors that affect the exact experience through the Bosphorus and the efficiency of your entire program.

  1. Location: According to the location of your hotel or the visits you make in Istanbul, there are alternatives that would help you to save time and energy. This page provides you a departure from the heart of the Old Town where you can reach by walking from Galata, Eminonu, Egyptian Spice Market, Topkapi Palace etc in 2 to 15 minnutes. But, in case of looking the nearest departure from the monumenal sites like Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque or Topkpai Palace again, there is one boat that provide a guide pick-up tight from the these must-see areas. This is where yu can find the relevant link: BOSPHORUS CRUISE TOUR FROM HAGIA SOPHIA . This one is also lasting longer than any other cruise tour in Istanbul. In addition, there is another company starting from a location nearby Dolmabahce Palace too where you can go for the ticket windows and buy tickets as well. If you are staying on the Asia side, Kadıköy Pier is your option to buy from the windows in the ferry station. 
  2. Departure Times: As Istanbul is a giant metropolitan city on ancient foundations, it is not easy to go around the old town where the majorty of the things to see. So, being perfectly on time is not easy while moving between impressive monuments in Istanbul. There is a great advantage as the ticket you could book here on this page gives you a great flexibility from mornign hours to evening times (10:00 - 20:00 in summer time). The Bosphorus cruise boats from Hiagia Sophia and Blue Mosque is departing 2 oe 3 times in a day (mostly 12:00, 15:30 and 18:00 in high season). 

FAQ about Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise 

Where does the Bosphorus Tour starts in Istanbul?

The pier where the boats depart is right at the heart of the old town. The station is just across the famous Egyptian Spice Market in Eminonu, which is one of the highlights of Istanbul.

When should I be at the Bosphorus Pier?

Our Bosphorus Cruise round-trips start periodically with the highest frequency. So, you do not have to be bound to a specific time. 

Do I wait for the ticket Bosphorus Cruise Tour?

Once you book here, you can use the priority entrance. You may just show your digital ticket to our team at the pier, who will have your names in their list.

Which specific places can one see during this Bosphorus Cruise Route?

First of all, the natural beauty stuns our guests and then the royal palaces (Dolmabahce, Ciragan and Beylerbeyi) remarks the historical glory. Then the unique Maiden’s Tower and the medieval castle of Rumeli Fortress fascinate the viewer. These are only a few of landmarks…

What is the ideal duration for a Bosphrous Trip?

Although there are even 60-minute-long ones, best sights along the Bosphorus requires at least 90 minutes on both European and Asian shores of Istanbul. 



Mario (Mexico) - 15 Dec 2021

absolutely a must-do activity in Istanbul and the audio guide coming to your phone is recommended.

Emily (United Kingdom) - 03 Nov 2021

we passed by the waiting lines without waiting and the guiding service in our pocket was quite impressive once we realized that there are many things to know about the neighborhoods, buildings and nature... all in all really good service for the price!

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