Hamam Experience at a 500-Years Old Turkish Bath

Enjoy the genuine hammam experience at the most authentic place in a 5-Century Old Turkish bath in the middle of Istanbul old town! 


Enjoy the genuine hammam experience at the most authentic place in a 5-Century Old Turkish bath in the middle of Istanbul old town! 

Highlights of a Authentic Turkish Bath Experience:

  • Refresh your body and revitalize your skin just like the Sultans and Queens did for centuries in this ancient town
  • Choose your package from various options from scrubbing to oil massage once you arrive there
  • Explore this local cultural phenomenon in such an original building designed by the greatest architect of Ottoman history

What to do and see at Çemberlitaş Hamam?

Enjoy the genuine hammam experience at the most authentic place in a 5-Century Old Turkish bath in the middle of Istanbul old town!

Once book here and reserve your place at Cemberlitas Turkish Bathhouse; the entrance, self-service washing are all included. This package simply contains what a local and regular visitor expects when he/she shows up. If you wish, you can add the services on at the place like scrubbing, massage or aroma therapies. 

This traditional Hamam has been welcoming its guests since it had opened doors in the year 1584. And once you decide to join this tradition that has taken its roots from ancient Romans, it is best to place to catch the best authenticity possible neighboring the Grand Bazaar. Once you enter, you might use your locker while undressing and wrappping the “peştamal” (traditional cotton and silk bath wrap) around you. Fİnally, you are ready to walk to the second room where the “göbek taşı” (central heated marble platform) awaits you.

This room is called the “Sıcaklık” (hot room). In the centre sits the big heated marble platform and on the sides are the marble basins and bathing cubicles. We suggest that you rest, by either sitting or laying down, for a while on the marble platform for sweating. Those are the characteristic moments of a Turkish bath. The light that shimmers through our dome, and steam and sweating wake up every cell of your body for a bath, prepare you for the water. Now it is the right time for a bath!

After you wash yourself using the traditional copper bath bowls and the beautiful smelling Çemberlitaş Hamamı soaps, you can have any service you wish from the menu of massage and therapy services. Eventually, every single cell of your body will start to breath better, your blood circulation will speed up, you will loose the dead cells and re-vitalize. If you wish to add to your package, leave yourself to the masterful water and let our attendant apply scrubbing and massage services at the marble basin.

This experience could be perfectly topped with a glass of tea, fresh juice of seasonal fruits or a bottle sparkling water. In short, do not forget to re-hydrate your body.

Location, Times and Reservation

As of November 2022, the Çemberlitaş Hammam is open everyday from 07:30 to 22:30. The starting times chosen by you are helpful to organize the traffic but your admissions will be valid all day long at the same day. 

How can I go to the Cemberlitas Hammam in Istanbul?

For this ancient Turkish Bath in Istanbul, the easiest public transportation to use is the tram because there is a tram station with the same name Cemberlitas, which is just next to the doorstep of the Cemberlitas Hammam.  


The history of the Turkish Bath

Although we mentioned its centuries-old presence, the Cemberlitas Hammam is not the oldest monument around there, and even not close. Just in front of it, there is a giant column that had been erected by Constantine I, the great Roman emperor (324 – 327) who named the city after himself. There was also a forum surrounding this column named after this foundational ruler as well. Speaking of the Romans, the tradition of Turkish Bath traces back to this ancient empire, where they were called Thermae in Latin. 

Moreover, across the street, the Köprülü Mahmud Pasa complex stretches towards the direction of Hagia Sophia with its mosque, school, tombs and finally library  and at its sides are the Vezir Han and the old university building. Also in the near vicinity of the bath are the tomb of Sultan Mahmut II and its treasury, the Köprülü Library, the Atik Pasa Mosque and school and the tomb of Ali Baba.


FAQ about the Turkish Bath & the Çemberlitaş Hamam

  • Are there separate sections and entrances for men and women in Turkish bathhouses?

The Çemberlitas Hamam has both sections separately with separate entrances. Some other bathhouses works in shifts, accepting reservations for women until afternoon and men only later. Similarly, men are provided service by men and women by women.

  • Are there any thing the visitors should bring to hammam? Are there towels provided by the Cemberlitas Hammam?

 The service includes towel, soap, shampoo, bath glove, slipper and waist cloth for the guests but you may also bring any of those belonging to you.

  • What is the average duration for these services in the Turkish Bath?

The duration of bath glove application and the traditional soap massage is 30 minutes but you are allowed to spend as much time in the Turkish bath as you wish.

  • Are there lockers for guests in the Çemberlitaş Hammam?

There are special, lockable cupboards for the guests in the dressing rooms. You may keep your personal belongings safe by putting them in those cupboards and taking your key with you.




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