Blue Mosque & Sultanahmet Walking Tour in Istanbul

Blue Mosque Walking Free by a Professional Licensed Guide in Istanbul


Blue Mosque Tour by a Licensed Local Guide!

Blue Mosque, the heart of Istanbul's Old Town, has finally been reopened. It is a must-see gem of the architectural heritage of Ottoman and Roman legacy that awaits you in Istanbul. 

Join this tour with an officially official guide to discover the Blue Mosque in depth with all exterior and interior details. When the tour is finished you will be knowing enough about the building and area in order to understand this unique surrounding. There will be enough time, as yu wish, to stay inside to feel the atmosphere or take some photos. 

The tour will take approximately 35 minutes but you can stay inside the mosque until the next prayer time. 

What to see at the Blue Mosque Walking Tour?

The name "Blue Mosque" comes from its famous tiles resisting time for centuries. They simply stunned all of its visitors coming here since the early 1600s. The floral pen works and calligraphy panels will take the variety of decorative elements to a further level. 

But, this is not only about a mosque! The Sultanahmet Square is also presenting you quite multi-layered history of Istanbul from ancient times. As your guide will take you through monumental buildings at the heart of old town Istanbul, the explanations and stories will reveal series of interesting and impressive details. So, you will be getting more familiar with not only Blue Mosque but its entire surroundings that highlights milleniums of this city. 

Visiting Info for the Blue Mosque Tours

As of June 2023, Gate A and Gate C are fully open exccept 30 minutes before and after prayers. The prayer times, as of June 21 2023, will be Sunrise 05:25, Mid-Day 13:13, Afternoon 17:12, Evening 20:47, Night 22:38.

2018 - 2023 Restorations at the Blue Mosqque

Is the Blue Mosque open no for visits?

Folllowing the May 2023 re-opening, there is only one last corner under restoration at the exterior garden of the Blue Mosque with the ablution fountains. All the covers on the domes and around the towers are taken out and there is no limitation for the view inside as it had been the case with scaffolds during the restorations. 

How it works when we come to see the Blue Mosque in Istanbul?

Once you book here, our official staff will be waiting for you at the chosen day and 15 minutes before the starting time here that just neighboring all the historical wonders of Istanbul in the middle of the old town. 

What else is there around Blue Mosque?

As your guide will lead you through the Sultanahmet Square, the famous hippodrome from the Roman centuries of Istanbul, or Constantinopolis, will reveal some hidden but very impressive layers of this unique city to you. The German Fountain, Hurrem Sultan Bathhouse (Hammam), Arasta Bazaar are also some other interesting corners and structures not-to-miss while exploring this old town of Istanbul. This program will provide you a detailed orientation through deep historical heritage of Istanbul.

What is Blue Msoque?

Blue Mosque, or as the locals call it "Sultan Ahmet Mosque", is one of the royal mosques of Istanbul. The starting year of its construction dates back to 1609. It was inaugurated by Sultan Ahmet I in the year 1616. Its unique central location among the ancient marvels of Istanbul have kept it in the priority destinations of travelers coming to Istanbul since its opening. The timeless tiles on its interior walls has been made renowned as the "Blue Mosque" all around the world. Its architectural legacy represents also a continuity from the neighboring Hagia Sophia. 



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