Hamam, the Turkish Bathhouse

For many ages, it has rightfully been known as the Turkish Bath. A decent life could be achieved if only one could have access to a Turkish bath in the neighborhood. This is why Sultans, Queens, Pashas or other notables have contributed to the cities by paying for constructions of bath facilities. As they were called Hamam,

The origins of the lavish baths as an institution go back to the ancient Rome, where they were called "Thermae". Roman aristocrats were spending days (and even nights) in giant bath houses. As this was the most luxurious habit one could have.  

In Istanbul, the Hamam Culture is still very much there to enjoy. Many centuries-old bathhouses are still in service and some of those are even offering a rich menu of treatments. A few of those have just been recently restored, therefore those are in perfect shape to go and enjoy nowadays. 

Here, you can find some most genuine Turkish Baths, where you can experience the best version of this heritage in Istanbul.

Ayasofya Hürrem Hamam in Istanbul

Ayasofya Hürrem Hamamı is the royal one that just rises impressively in front of the legendary Hagia Sophia. As it is just a few minutes of walking distance away from the Topkapi Palace, Hürrem's Hamam is the best place to top your trip to the Harem of the Topkapi Palace. 

Çemberlitas Hamam in Istanbul

Cemberlitas Hamam is a neighbor of the Grand Bazaar and stands almost right in the middle of the old town Istanbul. This Turkish Bath's contruction dates back to 16th Century, the peak of the Ottoman power. And it was a design of the grand architect Sinan of the Ottoman Empire.