Basilica Cistern Istanbul Guided Fast Track Entrance

Join us in the journey into the Basilica Cistern, the mysterious piece of underground Istanbul and walk through this ancient marvel and learn about all the interesting details about the area. 


Best Way to See the Famous Basilica Cistern in Istanbul!

A Must-See in Istanbul: Join us in the journey into the Basilica Cistern, the mysterious piece of underground Istanbul and walk through this ancient marvel and learn about all the interesting details about the area. 

Many Time Options with the Best Price: We will be waiting for you to skip the waiting lines at the Basilica Cistern for hourly sessions from 10:00 to 17:00. You can come and meet your guide 10 minutes before the starting time you prefer. The meeting point is right next to the exit gate of the Basilica Cistern as it is also marked on your ticket. 

Complete Flexibility: Your ticket is fully flexible along the day you have chosen, so you do not have to show up at one session. 

Information you need: After using the priority entrance into the Basilica Cistern, a professional and licensed guide will briefly tell about the history while explaining the design and engineering of the building. Once you learn about where every important details are, you will be free to enjoy the Basilica Cistern as much as you want. 

The Highlights of the Basilica Cistern Visit:

What to see in the Basilica Cistern & What is included?

  • Entrance without waiting in the ticket lines
  • A brief & orientation by an Official Guide about the Structure and its History
  • Unlimited Time after the Informative Guiding
  • Medusa Heads & The Weeping Column
  • Ancient Roman Engineering

The legendary and mysterious Basilica Cistern is an ancient wonder underground Istanbul. It is once in a life-time experience. Every visitor of Istanbul should walk through this unique marvel of antiquity and learn about all the interesting details about the structure while being amazed by its atmosphere. 

What is Basilica Cistern?

The Basilica Cistern is basically a significant part of the infrastructure of ancient Istanbul. It is one of the water reservoirs of the ancient imperial capital. In other words, along with a serious foundational buildings, it made the Nova Roma (the New Rome, as the new capital city at the time of Constantine the Great) possible.

Visiting Info for the Basilica Cistern 2023 & 2024

The Basilica Cistern has finally ropened its gates after 2 years of most extensive restorations of its long history. 

As a novelty coming with 2022 re-opening, there are contemporary art installations between the numerous columns of the Basilica Cistern. Among the pieces, there are glass and bronze works and viual installations concentrated towards the famous Medusa heads in the Basilica Cistern. 

As of 1st of September, the ticket price from the ticket windows is 450 TL. The waiting lines could usually take from 30 to 50 minutes. 

Visiting Times for the Basilica Cistern:

According to the 2023 Summer Regulations, the closing time is set to be 19:00 everyday starting from the 1st of June 2023. The Basilica Cistern is opening its gate at 09:00.

Guiding Tours at Basilica Cistern:

Once you book from here, you can join the tours run by an official guide of Basilica Cistern that starts every 30 or 60 minutes. From 1st of April to 1st of November, there is a guiding tour at each 30 minutes. Between, 1st of November and 30th of April, the tours start hourly from 09:00 to 17:00. 


Are there long lines at the ticket windows of Basilica Cistern?

Particularly at weekends and everyday during the high season, from May to November (except Easter & Christmas times), the Basilica Cistern is busy with groups and indiciduals. The waiting times could be between 20 to 45 minutes. 

Is the Basilica Cistern opened after restorations? 

At the 23rd of July 2022, the Basilica Cistern has been opened again after serious restorations. And the long ticket lines are back! We strongly recommend you to get your tickets before you arrive. 

What is the Basilica Cistern in famous for?

Basilica Cistern is globally renowned because of being one of the most intact ancient Roman structures with its unbelievable volume and durability. The mysterious atmosphere of this underground wonder amazes every single traveler coming in for centuries. Regarding individual pieces inside, the Medusa Heads in this underground building are a couple of quite interesting examples of ancient kraftsmanship. 


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