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Best Prices and Greatest Variety of Options to Visit the Topkapi Palace Museum with Harem Section in Istanbul!

Book your ticket for the Topkapi Palace Museum here and save your time for the glorious beauty inside this unique museum in Istanbul that reveals the royal heritage of Istanbul. This group of options with the best-prices will present you a great variety of possibilities. 

  • Book your ticket and save your time for the glorious beauty inside this unique museum in Istanbul that reveals the royal heritage of Istanbul.
  • Official Museum Team of Professionals are going to serve you with the most flexible timing and best price possible for an orientation to understand the sections of the palace!
  • The Smart Audio App (English, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French) is also going to be very helpful to understand the vast gardens of sultans and the architecture and collections surrounding it.

Once you reserve your tickets here, our official guiding crew will be waiting for you at the meeting point where you may have some promotional refreshments and restroom breaks. Our staff will greet and accompany you for the fast entrance and take you inside the Topkapi Palace. Optionally, you can add guiding services as you wish while booking. 

Moreover, if you wish, add the tickets for Harem to see the most private sections of Queens and Concubines inside the Topkapi Palace as well!

Best Price Guaranteed! There is no better rate for Skip-the-Line Admission for the Topkapi Palace Museum anywhere. If you prove the other way, we will pay you the difference!

Once you reserve your entrance here, our official museum team will be waiting for you at the meeting point. They will greet and accompany you for the fast entrance and take you inside the Topkapi Palace. In case you miss the time you have picked, the next session will be available for you as it is among the options while booking. If you want to have a flexibility for hours to keep your ticket valid, there is an option before the payment process.

Moreover, if you wish, add the tickets for Harem Section for seeing the most private sections of Queens and Concubines inside the Topkapi Palace as well!

Important Changes for the Tickets of Topkapi Palace at 2024!

According the the new regulations, starting from the 1st of January 2024, the Topkapi Palace and Harem are accessbile with a single combined ticket and there will be no more seperate sales.

The price per person is 1500 TL.

Hightlights for the Topkapi Palace visit:

  • Enjoy the Fast Entrance with a licensed insider including an orientation by an official museum staff  
  • Explore the House of Sultans and Queens of Istanbul where they lived for 4 centuries
  • Access to all of the famous collections including the Divan, Treasury, Jewelries, Kitchens and Audience Chamber 
  • Listen and Learn from the Smart Audio Guide App about all the sections

What to see at the Topkapi Palace Museum?

Until the modern times, the Topkapi Palace had been the house of the Ottoman Dynasty in Istanbul for 4 centuries. It is consisted of several courtyards in an extensive area that is is surrounded by 15th century walls. The exceptionally located terraces of the palace present you most magnificent panoramic views over the famous Bosphorus and Golden Horn too.

Today, the area serves as a great museum complex, which amazes its visitors by its glorious decorations and unmatched collections. 

If you add the Harem Section tickets too, you will discover the most private quarters of the Queens and Sultans filled with glorious halls, lavish bath houses, storied courtyards, unique decorative elements and many more… 

The second gate of Topkapi Palace Complex (where the museum part starts) has been taken into restoration in May 2024. The restorations will expectedly end at the end of the year 2024. 

What's New at Topkapı Palace following the restorations works in 2023?

By the May 10th of 2023, the Topkapi Palace Museum Directory announced the new section's re-openning at the 3rd courtyard, with the royal jewelries and clothes of the sultans! This is a long anticipated come-back of the 15th century pavillons from the Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror's times.

As the restoration works are over in September 2023, all the covers and scaffholdings are cleared at the Mother Sultan Chamber (Valide Sultan) at the Harem of the Topkapi Palace Museum. So the room is now is fully visible for its guests. 

At beginning of 2023, the terrace of Sultans looking over the Bosphorus had been re-opened after two years of restoration process (check the photos at this page). 

Visiting Topkapi Palace is even more recommended now! Moreover, it is better to spare a little bit more time than usual to see these collections. 

Visiting Info for the Topkapi Palace Museums

Tips for Visiting the Collections inside the Topkapi Palace Gardens!

  • First of all, do not expect to see a big palace building with hallways and salons as Topkapi Palace had been a combination of gardens that remainds a fusion of Roman villas and Asian imperial courts. 
  • The newly opend (Summer 2023) Treasury of Sultans is the most popular section inside the Topkapi Palace Museum. Between 12:00 and 15:00, lines could emerge in front of the entrance (which is free already when you entered the gardens). The waiting times could change between 5 to 20 minutes.
  • Inside the Holy Relics of Islam Collections inside the third courtyard of the Topkapi Palace, the live Quran readings continue incessantly. So, talking loud is not recommended. If there is a need for coverings for shoulders, legs or hair etc, there are fabrics provided at the entrance for every visitor. 

What is included with this ticket inside the Topkapi Palace?

Basically, with this ticket, you may visit all the central courtyards from the 1st to the 4th that ends up at great terrasses with astonishing views. In more detail, the most important quarters are included:

  • the Administrative parts like the Divan, Armory and Treasury (with the legendary diamond inside) Rooms
  • the Kitchens and its fabulous collections that exhibits both the daily life (particularly coffee!)and luxury as well as one of the best porcelain and glass collections of the world
  • the Enderun Courtyard that was private for sultans the Palace School, the Paintings Section, the Holy Relics of Islam
  • the fourth courtyard with pavilions and terraces once belonging to the sultans, namely the Baghdad and Revan Kiosks and Iftariye Balcony, the Dressing Room which are the most distinguished and aesthetically advanced examples of Ottoman classical architecture.

How to use Fast Track entrance to the Topkapi Palace Museum:

  • 10 minutes before the starting time you chose, our museum hosts will be waiting for you at the location shown with a link in your ticket! There you will be taken to the entrance without waiting.
  • Without waiting at the meeting point, our Official Museum Staff will lead you to the priority entrance.
  • Inside Topkapi Palace, the gardens, halls, rooms, collections and exhibitions revealing the history of the sultans' lives and imperial administration
  • If you opt for the Flexible Option, you can come and join befoe any session starting between 09:30 and 16:00. If necessary because of your program, weather etc., only with a mail, you can change the day, too, for your Topkapi Palace Museum visit. 

Where is the Harem Section inside the Topkapi Palace? 

The famous Harem of the Topkapi Palace is inside the second courtyard of the Palace. You will see options in our menu to add the tickets or tours of the Harem Section inside the Topkapi Palace. At July of 2023, the Mother Sultan (Valide Sultan) Chamber at the Harem Section has been opened for visits after a restoriation process of 18 months. 

Is there an extra ticket for the Harem Section of the Topkapi Palace?

Yes, Harem could be visited with an extra ticket other than the ones for Topkapi Palace. You can easily add Harem Section Tickets here before the payment screen. 

Then, when you enter the Topkapi Palace, our museum team will take you inside the Harem too. Of course, without waiting!

Where is Holy Relics of Islam Section inside the Topkapi Palace Museum?

The Relics from the foundational century of the Islamic World is inside the 3rd Courtyard of the Topkapi Palace. So, a regular ticket for the Topkapi Palace Museum is enough to see this collection. 

Please keep in mind that there is no fast track service for the Holy Relics Section because there is no ticket requeirment. It is just a free pass for the people already inside the museum. Most of the time, especially weekends or any day between 10:45 to 15:00, there are lines in front of its entrance waiting for a while (usually between 10 to 25 minutes). 

Is there a guiding service in the Topkapi Palace Museum and Harem for tours?

If you wish! You could add several guiding service options on your fast track ticket for the Topkapi Palace! They will come to your menu during the booking process.

Regularly, every 30 minutes, there is a orientation intro by an officially licensed guide inside the Topkapi Palace. After this introduction, which takes the visitors through the gates of the end of Topkapi Palace, you would know where to go and find the best collections and stories that suits your interests. 

For the Harem Section of the Topkapi Palace, you can opt for tickets and guiding services from the menu while booking your tickets for the museum. 

As another choice, you can opt for an 40-minute guiding service in addition to your tickets for the Topkapi Palace with the best price in Istanbul Old Town by far. If you do so, also an officially licensed guide will introduce centuries-long history of the Ottoman sultans, who lived here. You will learn about the organizational and political structure of the palace as well. Your guide will point out cultural, decorative or architectural details to uncover the unique history of this complex. 

There is a private tour option as well, that books your tour with an expert guide covering all the stories and details around the gardens of Topkapi Palace! This private tour is a favorite of true history loving travelers! 

Ticket Prices in 2024 for the Topkapi Palace & Harem Section

  • As of January 2024, as announced by the Topkapi Palace Museum directory, the fee for each Topkapi Palace Museum & Harem tivket is 1500 TL. Keep in mind that this is the rate you will see after waiting in the lines at the ticket booth of the palace.
  • Starting from 1st of March 2024 until the end of the Spring and Summer 2024, the closing time is declared as 18:30 by the Topkapi Palace Museum Directory. The last admission is going to be at 17:30.
  • The Winter Time starts at November 1st 2024 and the final closing time will be 17:30. So, the last admissions are expected to be done at 16:30 after the first week of November 2024. 




Erd (Denmark) - 11 Feb 2024

we appreciated the service for the easy access and all the information provided by the museum team. 1-star short because there is not enough service for drinks or snacks in the museum

DS (Germany) - 30 Nov 2023

They have a nice variety options about different parts of the museums inside. From harem to archaeological parts that shows the Topkapi Palace Museum complex from angles.

Mut (Brazil) - 26 Nov 2023

Topkapi Palace is very interesting. The harem was also nice extra. We skip the line of ticket Windows and guide informed well.

Shereen (Turkey) - 03 Nov 2023

It is definitely recommended. A lot of history and details around beautiful gardens of Topkapı Palace of Istanbul

DDC (Australia) - 30 Oct 2023

The Topkapi Palace Museum is vast and a few basic additions are very helpful. The guiding service by Ozzy was a great value.

Yousef E. (Egypt) - 07 Jul 2022

It was a wonderful experience specially having Adil Fide as our tour guide, he was very patient, informative, kind and we could easily understand what he says thanks to his accent and his fluency in English. (the tour was in English.) In addition to the above, he was not biased while providing historic information/explanations. I highly recommend this service!

Lidia (Spain) - 15 Dec 2021

very interesting royal palace and precious collections. harem is also definitely interesting, especially with guiding, which was perfectly professional. thanks Mr E!

Fiona U. (United States) - 06 Nov 2021

So happy to have purchased our tickets through here. There was a huge line at the entrance, which we skipped thanks to our guide. Adil was very knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining, told us about the history and backstory of almost every room and cobblestone in the palace! Topkapi is a beautiful palace and important part of Ottoman history, but you really need a solid guide to appreciate the culture and architecture. Highly recommended!!

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