PCR Test at your Hotel

Our mobile health staff come to your location, collect the samples and return in 4 hours with the results licensed by the ministry of health. 

€22.00 €30.00

PCR test in Istanbul coming to your doorstep in hours!

This is the easiest way to have reliable PCR tests in Istanbul by a lab that is authorized by the Ministry of Health. Most importantly, the results will quickly return by mail and phone in a few hours.

With our own nursing crew with 10-vehicles of our laboratory, we perform PCR tests at your stay. Our team, both mobile and at our lab, are experienced in quality health services. 

When can I have my PCR test results in Istanbul? 

If we get the samples until 14:00 in the afternoon, we return it at 18:00 in the evening.

If the sample would arrive until 18:00 in the evening, the results will arrive back at midnight at latest.

How does PCR Test in Istanbul Hotels work?

Once you book for a specific day and an hour, we will arrange the process for collecting the necessary samples in your hotel. The results will be sent to you via Mail and WhatsApp!


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